Computer vision CV Screen scope activity error

Recent days I am getting CV scope error like "Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “Image”.‘Image’ is ambiguous, imported from the namespaces or types ‘UiPath.Core, System.Drawing’!!!

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Hi , Did you try increasing the Scale ?
Please try with tesseract OCR also

Is the Image Variable you are using of type Uipath.core.system.Drawing ?

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@vinay_reddy Yeah I used but after I drag OCR into scope activity at initial stage itself its coming without indicating any image…!
Image variable which is provided default in any OCR and its type is Uipath.core.system.Drawing …!
Help on this
@Palaniyappan @lakshman @loginerror

I believe this could be because of the default Image variable is referring to different Namespace other than System.Drawing.Image
Can you try Create a variable with Name ‘Image’ and the Type should be System.Drawing.Image() now give default value as new System.Drawing.Image()

Please try this


@vinay_reddy Thanks its working fine!!!

NP Buddy , Happy to help here .
Happy Automation


@vinay_reddy Is Computer vision is free to use in both enterprise and community edition…?

No , Its commercial . It’s the part of Microsoft Azure
It is free as trial version for Community versions

You can check the pricing details here

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Now, CV package is became inbuilt in Uipath even Omni OCR . The payment is for Microsoft OCR alone or entire cv package…?

Microsoft OCR is free with Uipath, where as CV package is commercial

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