Call Complete task from Bot

Hi all ,
I am trying to call complete task using “Orchestrator HTTP Request” activity , I am passing the following inputs to the activity :

payload : “{ ““taskId””:”""+task.Id.ToString+""", ““data”” : {"“submit”":true ,"“link”":"“test”" }, ““action”” : ““submit””}"
relative end point : “/forms/TaskForms/CompleteTask”

but i got the following response :

“{“message”:“This action has been processed by another user”,“errorCode”:2402,“resourceIds”:null}”

why ?

please note that when I call the same payload by Postman , it works fine.

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@Lucas.Pimenta @Cristian_Negulescu : Do you guys have any idea for this?

Hello Farah,
If you say that everything is working on the postman then you need to use other activities: HTTPRequest from UiPath.Web.Activities.
In this movie I have an example how I use this with Salesforce API and how I reuse the authorization KEY.:

For sending commands from the postman to Orchestrator I have this movie but you already said that part is working.

If still you have an issue please send me multiple screenshots from the postman to understand exacly what you are doing.
Cristian Negulescu

Thanks @Cristian_Negulescu
The problem occurs because the bot user is not the owner of the task , I think we can’t assign a task to a bot user , so I used a normal http request not the Orchestrator one , and everything goes fine , thanks.

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