Comparing excel using Join DataTable Activity , data Type issues

Here am comparing two excel files, using Join table,
In one excel , I have value like 1.0 in one column ,
Another excel has value like 1, both are same.
But It is not Giving proper output.
How to change datatype for that?


Try this:

Cint(row1(“ColumnName”).Tostring) = Cint(row2(“ColumnName”).Tostring)

Where row1 and row2 are from Excel 1 and Excel 2 respectively.

In Join Datatable activity, we are not taking as row wise. Only column name have to specify

Fine before using join datatable we can convert the datatype of whole column itself like this using a assign activity
if the first excel has a column named column_1 has the value of 1.0–we are going to take this
and another excel has a value of 1 in column_1 has the value of 1

assign activity like
FirstExcelDatatable.Columns(“column_1”).DataType = GetType(System.Int32)
this would change the type of whole column to integer

now you can use this column in join table buddy
Kindly try this and let know if this works or not
Cheers @Bakia_Murugesan