Comparing data from two excel tables

I have two workbooks where the first workbook is a table with two columns for example, ID number and Name. In this workbook #1, there may be entries where Name is #N/A. The second workbook contains the ID number and Name columns which is to be used to solve the #N/A problems (matching the ID numbers for entries that have #N/A in workbook #1 and replacing it with the Name entries from workbook #2). How would I go about doing this?

Can you please add the sample data…

Current workbook has sensitive information. I will try to make a sample version, one moment please. (12.2 KB)
The data in workbook2 has the data to correct the #N/A in workbook1. So I need to replace #N/A with the correct name based on the ID. The actual workbook I am working with will be on a larger scale than this.