Compare data points between two excel workbooks and update data points

Hello, I am trying to complete the following process. I have two excel workbook (A and B). Workbook “A” has the updated data of the month and has a column for ID number. I would like the bot to look at the ID column in workbook “A” for example “123” and find it on the ID Column in Workbook “B”. If the ID data matches in Workbook “B” then I would like to update 3 columns in workbook “B” from data in workbook “A”.

If the ID data doesn’t match on workbook “B” then I would need to create a new row in workbook “B” and fill in data from workbook “A”. Afterwards, I would go on to the next ID in the column and repeat the process.

So far I’m trying to achieve this process with the “If” workflow activity but not getting close. Any ideas or possible next steps would be appreciated it. Thank you!

You just need to use a VLOOKUP funtion here @Sugaray, this will give you the exact value if it matches, else you can write the value from excel A or B using a IF condition, based on your requirement

There are over 4000 rows of IDs. Wouldn’t I need to type in every ID? Workbook “A” updates every month with new IDs.

You can use VLookup for the first time and then you can simply use auto fill range activity to fill for all the rows, whatever range it will be @Sugaray