Comapre one column in tow excel workbook

hello guys, what is best to compare two excel workbook. all coumns are same but one coulumn will change hourly, i want to comapre and if that coulumn changed i want to get entire row

@Hamidy1667 How’s about the order of data in file? Are there any columns (e.g. ID) to know which row need to be compared with which row ?

Thanks @Doanh basiclly there is no ID , i want to compare entire tow tables i get it from internet, and all data will be same but only one column will change durinf the day and i want to get entire row of that column after data comes to that column, should i assign ID for excel tables ? here i will put my tow tables and also the workflow, main work book is will stable but announce workbook will be chnage during the day.
Announce.xlsx (10.0 KB) Main.xlsx (9.6 KB)

And this is my workflow
Main.xaml (17.6 KB)

have a look on Join Datatable Activity

for more specific scenario e.g a LINQ statement can be formulated


Thanks @ppr

@ppr but my problem is different i dont want to get matching data, i want to get one row that is related with new value that comes into table 2.

refering to your xaml you could identify matching rows by using the column “ID”

writing out the not matching rows can be done as discussed here

In case of you need more help please share both excels and we can help you on setting up the workflow

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Thank again @ppr here are my two excel work book datatabl 1 is main and data table2 is announce, so if you look at in column E in announce new values are exist but in main there not, so i want to get the row that column e have values,
Announce.xlsx (10.0 KB) Main.xlsx (9.6 KB)

Can you verify the result
[Zaman Zaman,Döviz Döviz,Önem Önem,Olay Olay,Açıklanan Açıklanan,Beklenti Beklenti,Önceki Önceki,Column-7,Column-8
12/30/1899 12:30:00,GBP,Ortalama Gelir Endeksi + İkramiye (Oca),“3,1%”,“3,0%”,“2,9%”,
12/30/1899 12:30:00,GBP,İşsizlik Hak Başvurusu Sayısındaki Değişim (Şub ),“17,3K”,“21,4K”,"-0,2K",
12/30/1899 12:30:00,GBP,İstihdam Değişikliği 3A/3A (Aylık) (Oca),184K,143K,180K,
12/30/1899 12:30:00,GBP,İşsizlik Oranı (Oca),“3,9%”,“3,8%”,“3,8%”,
12/30/1899 13:00:00,EUR,Almanya ZEW Mevcut Koşullar Endeksi (Mar),"-43,1","-30,0","-15,7",
12/30/1899 13:00:00,EUR,Almanya ZEW Ekonomik Hissiyatı (Mar),"-49,5","-26,4",“8,7”,
12/30/1899 13:00:00,EUR,Euro Bölgesi Maaşları (Yıllık) (4. Çeyrek),“2,30%”,“2,60%”,

is this the expected one?

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@ppr Yes exactly it should be like this

Have a look here
Hamidy1667.xaml (7.1 KB)

About the first column changed from time to date. if this is blocking I would recommend to change the column format in excel or lets correct it via a conversion statement

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thanks alot @ppr i will check it now, sure i think i will insert one static column first,

@ppr its working allright, just when i put msg box to see results its blank, i put dtunmached inside

proper debugging is better for check. But also check the scope of the variables. a datatable outputting in a message box id done with the help of output datatable activity generating a string for you

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Yes @ppr i forgot to put output datatable activity, Thank you very much, you helped me alot

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