Compare two excels in studioX


I need help in comparing two excel files using studioX.
ExcelA having columns User_id, Email
ExcelB having columns Cust_id, Email

  1. COmpare ‘User_id’ column of ExcelA with ‘Cust_id’ column of ExcelB, where ‘Email’ column (present in both the excels) is blank.
  2. Compare ‘User_Id’ and ‘Email’ columns of ExcelA with ‘Cust_id’ and ‘Email’ columns of ExcelB, where ‘Email’ column (present in both excels) is populated in both.

Any input will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

i would copy the second excel data in the first one, in same sheet, using copy/paste range and then would compare the two ranges this way:


Thanks for your reply. Can you please elaborate more as I am new to studioX.