Compare two excel columns


I have a scenario where I need to compare ‘User_ID’ column of Excel1 to ‘User_ID’ column of Excel2.
and find out the mismatched values.
This should be done in STUDIOX

Thanks in advance.

Hi @kaurM ,

There is one possibility in studiox to perform this reconciliation you mentioned in the question. please follow below steps to achieve.

  1. we have to use two use excel file activity to assign the excel 1 and excel 2.

  2. Use copy/paste range activity in studiox to copy the entire userid rows from the excel 2 to excel 1as separate column. now we ahve userid’s of excel 1 in the A columns and Userid’s of excel 2 in the B column.

  3. Now we can use sample Conditions CurrentRow.ByField(“A”) <> CurrentRow.ByField(“B”) we can create by using condition builder to achieve our goal.


We have tutorial in our UiPath docs related to this reconciliation concept in studiox. please refer the below link for better understanding on this concept.