Compare two CSV files and write comments on summary file

Hi all,

I’m having an issue writing comments back to a CSV file after i’ve found matching data.

Basically, the initial file (file1) has over 1000 rows, the second file (file 2) only has 500 rows. I’ve brought over the matching customerIDs into a third file (file3). The third file works well however, i now need to write comments to a new column within file3 as there are a bunch of conditions and a summary is needed.

I’ve used the invoke method, but its printing the line twice; once with the original match, then a duplicate entry on the next line with the summary. It’s also just printing one condition rather an them all…

Any ideas?

Hi @qwerty1

Will you be able to share what you have done?

Lemme have a quick overview.


Add a column to Datatable before Populate with CSV Data :confused: