Two csv files, want to write data from one file to another

Hi, I have Stuck in a problem, problem is that I have two csv file I want to extract data from one file and check condition using "if "and if there is a match than want to put it into another file using column name.
I am able to extract data from one file and also check successfully using if but when I try to put it into another file I find some error. I am using (dataset1.Rows.Item(“mac_id”)=CurrentRow.Item(“mac_id”)) expression where “CurrentRow” indicate the dataTable of csv file from where data is extracted and “dataset1” is a dataTable for csv Where i want to put the value.
Can you please help on this.
Thanks in advanced.:blush:



Instead of using assign activity, can you please try to use add datarow activity to add the data to second datatable and see if it’s working? Here, 2nd row is not present and you are trying to add a value there. To double check, you can get the no of rows in 2nd datatable using : datatable2.rows.count.tostring