Compare two csv and find same values from 2 different column


Whatever you have shown already if that is what you have done then the expected output is not this…

did you change the join type?


Its Left now in Join Data table


Then its not matching anything…as suggested by @Alfmaro check the column types…nothing is matching rhat is the reason its failing

Try using linq so that you can cast the columns and compare.this is to be used in assign and create a datatable with two columns…of th
Yoe string

(From r In dt1 Join k In dt2 On r("Col1").ToString.Trim Equals k("Col1").ToStrim.Trim Select dtToWrite.Rows.Add({r("Col1").ToString,k("Col1").ToString})).CopyToDataTable


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Whats wrong in this


DtToWrite is a datatable you have to create

Create adatatable variable with that name…and then before this wctivity use a build datatable and add two columns of type string and assign thw variable to output variable in build datatable activity


Hi @anon87560229

You need to replace the dt1, dt2 and dtToWrite values from your own datatable values

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