Comparsion of 2 Excel files

Hello Team,

I have two excel files with same column name, I need to compare two excel sheets and I need to get the difference.
Table 1

Table 2


@yogavalli Do you want to find the UnMatching Rows within the two Files?

use join datatable like this and you will get only the row that is different:

Yes @supermanPunch.

For me, every time the name will be same, but I need to know the status.

If my status has been stopped I need to get the value. Or else it wants execute the next level process.

Hi ,
-> you can read form excel to datatables(EX: DT1 and DT2) and use below code to uncomman values.


@yogavalli If you Still haven’t found the Solution, Can you show us the Output For the Two Excel Files you have Shown ?

Hello @bcorrea,

Thank you for your solution. But till I have one more issue.

If, I don’t have exact column name in my Excel. That time how can I write my conditions.

Same like the below format.

@yogavalli What do you mean by you don’t know the Column Names :sweat_smile: , Column Names Must be Present or you should know the Position of the Column Like If Status Column is the First Column you can use 0 instead of Column Name, If it is Second Column you can use 1 and so on

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Thank you @supermanPunch :grinning: :grinning:

Working great.

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