Compare 2 excel file columns

i have to compare the same column in the 2 different excel files and if they are equal i have to make it as yes in that column otherwise no in that same excel as output

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Buddy may be this would help you… @priyankavivek
But i would like suggest one more option we have like lookup datatable activity, kindly find the below steps that be would be a add on and you can make use of it you want buddy

  1. store them in DT1 and DT2 as you did earlier
  2. Use a for each row loop with DT1 as input
  3. use a look up datatable activity with these properties (14.0 KB)

Thats all buddy few steps isn’t it…
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how can i compare 2 or more columns

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Buddy @priyankavivek
You can mention them in if condition buddy @priyankavivek

can u please give me an example like i have to compare more than two columns in diffrent excels in if condition?dt1.Select(“NB = '” +item.Item(“NB”).ToString+"’").FirstOrDefault() if i need to compare 2nd column where i should add my column name?

Using lookup datatable activity, look up your data on column1. IF there is no match, THEN lookup on column2. IF there is no match, ignore.

This example is trying to find IDs of employees from two possible columns. The output tells you in which column they have been found, or if no match was found.

Table with the output column we want to populate:

Lookup Table with two possible columns matches can be found:

Output shows where matches have been found:

Workflow: (8.8 KB)

here you have compared two colums like id and service id is it possible to make to compare more than two columns?please help me

If you want to cycle through a second column in your source datatable and compare against two columns in the lookup table, simply duplicate the For Each activity in the workflow I provided and update the Lookup Value.

Could become


thank you thats my doubt i got cleared i try with this!

how we can apply vlookup for more than 4 Columns in two different excel by considering only one column from one Excel? Please give solution.

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In that case we need to use vb script or formula and lookup datatable activity can take only two datatable as input
To use vb script we can keep that code in INVOKE VBA or to use formula with WRITE CELL activity inside a loop

Cheers @Priyanka_Sorate

Can you Just Open a new Post with some Details and Sample Data. So WE can Help you on working Out a solution. LINQ maybe in Combination with General uipath activities would be the start for