Compare two consecutive rows into for each row

Hello guys, I have an excel with 3 columns and a flow that iterates through them with “for each row” activity…I need to set a condition where it checks if the value of column C modifies… How can I do this?
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Can you explain abit more about it :- I need to set a condition where it checks if the value of column C modifies

Hello @shanmukh_pothamsetty, I have an excel file with 3 filled columns… the thing is that the third column rows have mostly the same value and I need to set a condition to find where this value modifies. (to compare two consecutive rows from column C).

@Ionut_Frincu First, assign the First Value Of Column C into a Variable, then You can iterate over the Datatable using For Each Row , Use an if Condition inside for Each to Check if the variable and row(“ColumnC”) value are the same or not. Then you can do the Operations Accordingly

Can you please give me an example on how I should set the condition of the “if”…


  1. Assign First Row Value of Column C outside of For Each Row, Like this
    strColumnC = row(“Column C”).ToString.Trim

  2. Inside a For Each, use if Condition and use the Condition
    row(“Column C”).ToString.Trim.Equals(variable)

@supermanPunch I cannot use row(“Column C”) outside of For each row…

@Ionut_Frincu Oh Sorry My Bad :sweat_smile:, Use this :
strColumnC = DT(0)(“Column C”).ToString.Trim