Read the data from first second column

I have a scenario like i have data into two columns, i need to compare two columns if data match Writes “Match!” in the output panel when a match is found.

Please help me above workflow.

@praveenM1 Do you want to Check if the Corresponding Column Values Match and then Update the Third Column ? Can you Show us a Simple Input and Expected Output Screenshots as well?

No need to update third column just need to compare first column data with second column, if it matches then we need to write match in output panel

@praveenM1 Can you try this approach :

  1. Use Read Range Activity to get the Data from Excel as Datatable.
  2. Use For Each Row of the Output Datatable
    Inside For Each row use an If Condition with row(“Col1”).ToString.Equals(row(“Col2”).ToString) as the Condition
    If True then Output “Match” using Write Line Activity.
    Output “Not Match” using Write Line Activity.

I hope this is what you needed. :sweat_smile:

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i will try. Thanks

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