Compare merge request files with master using Git


When the developer submit a merge request, how can the approver compare the code between the changes to the master in GIT .

Currently when we look at merge request with changes, the comparison is done at XAML file which is not easy to understand . is there any better way to compare code changes before approving to merge to Master branch ?

Hi @mukund.jahagirdar,
Hopefully this will be useful:

This is not quite it, though. The workflow diff allows you to compare your local change to the remote branch before checking in your changes.

This means you can only compare the changes you made to how it was before. What OP would like (and me too, for that matter), is an easy way to check a pull request where a completed branch needs to be merged into the master. Currently you only see which files have changed (and in Azure which lines are different but that’s still in XAML syntax and hard to read, especially for more complex changes).

Ideally workflow diff would work by comparing the branch I am on to a branch of my choice (e.g. Master), not just its own upstream branch before I commit my changes.


@Pablito: yes, the UIPath studio only compares between what is changed in local machine to what is present in the code repository(SVN,GIT).

we currently dont have a way to compare the code changes between branch and the master , it shows up everything as XAML and not the best way to compare 2 uipath codes and approve the merge request

This is a must.

We’ve been bundling often used workflows into libraries that are used by everybody, which is awesome when it comes to speeding up development, but handling merge conflicts is an absolute nightmare, and is quickly becoming a serious bottleneck.

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Just want to add to this. I’m wanting to use CI/CD to deploy changes, where branches are tied to environments. I’m unsure how to handle reviewing pull requests without trying to read the XAML, which as others have said, can be hard to read. If workflow diff could compare two different branches, or if there was a way to embed it in say DevOps to make the XAML easier to read, that would be awesome

Do you have any updates for now team? I have the same question