Comparison of two projects in UiPath

Hello everybody,

I know there is a functionality in Studio that allows us to compare two .xaml files within Studio, but isn’t there another way of comparing two whole projects for bigger and complex ones to find for example which one is the latest version or if there is a mismatch somewhere.

I noticed I needed this feature, since I’m working with a team on the same projects and find it hard to compare file by file to determine the difference between two versions for bigger projects.

Studio - Comparing files


From the orchestrator you can see the differences between two published projects, and know the changes that occurred. In the following link you will find all the information.:

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Doesn’t source control help solve this?

I believe if you link your source control to the Orchestrator (only Github supports this right now afaik) then you can also compare versions committed in a similar way as above.

Thanks for your feedback. I have sent your request to our tracking platform.