Difference between Updated Xaml file and previous Xaml file

I want to Create a workflow
Can i get the difference between Updated Xaml file and previous Xaml file
like what are the changes happened(Variable also and Name) so i can see in Excel (like Export to Excel) and i am getting this workflow from git?

Please suggest me
@supermanPunch supermanpunch

Hi @Rounak_Kumar1 ,

An alternative is to use GIT Initialize within your project and then use Worfklow Diff feature. You can read more about this feature here.
Workflow Diff (uipath.com)

Supported features in context menu

You could also refer to this overview video from @RAKESH_KUMAR_BEHERA : GitHub View Changes , Compare Changes , Review Changes Prior Commit from UiPath Studio - YouTube


Hello @Rounak_Kumar1

You can use Compare Files to meet this requirement. If the scenario is different please explain.


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Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,
Thank you for the suggestion but i want to see in a Excel or Text file what are the changes occurred. This should be done by the Bot.



Let me also search how this can be achieved.


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