Compare data in Excel (not easy)

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I need a small advice.
Please look at the attached excel table

I have a table with several columns.
I have to compare e-mail addresses which are in column F with email addresses which are in column D and E
The goal is to make sure an email message was sent to all required people/groups which are in column F. If any email address was not included in original email message then I will have to forward an email message. Firstly I have to identify if anything is missing and if yes then put the email address/addresses in column G
(*Please note in column D and E I have always ‘a’ this is not a mistake and also there are no ‘;’ separators between addresses in column D and E)
BookForum.xlsx (9.2 KB)

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Maybe some of you can assist?

Thank you!

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We could do this with FOR EACH ROW activity
—like taking the value of column D, Eand F and check with contains method
—if we don’t want a at the beginning then can trimstart that and get the remaining email address, which we can compare with F column using IF condition having Contains method

Cheers @niteckam

Thank you @Palaniyappan for your answer.
This is what I was thinking to have For Each and then inside IF with contains method
However I do not really know how to receive in column G email addresses from column F which do not exist in column D or E

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Did we try with Contains method inside a IF Condition