Match columns of two different excel files and send an email

hello guys!
i need your help please
actually i have to compare column name of excel 1 with excel 2 which has the same column as name and when the column name of the values matches with one another then i have to send an email to the respective mail ids which is given in the next column.


Here are some steps

  1. Read both the excels and store in datatables
  2. use for each row to for the first datatable and store the value in a variable and store the output index of the first for each row also
  3. Pass the index to get the value of second data table and get the value
  4. Then compare the values using IF condition
  5. If matched, then in the THEN condition use send mail activity and pass the value as row(“email”).tostring
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your response is appreciated
could you share similar workflow if you have one?

could you explain this by coding method?it would be helpful to understand