Find Email address in excel sheet

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I want to find out the email address in a excel sheet. if that email address exists i need to do some operations in the web application?
There could be mutiple columns with email addresses in a row of an excel sheet which consists of
I’m unable to do so as im a beginner in UI Path , please help me on it.

Please find the screen shot.

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Can you send the sample excel file? @ppratz
So you have a Email Id which you want to compare with these columns right?


testExcel.xlsx (15.9 KB)

No, firstly i need to check how many columns has email addresses in it. In future email addresses can be added into many columns as well.
If i get the count , based on that i will do the operations in web site.

Hi All,

any help on this?

Hi @ppratz
First of all you have to transfer data from excel or csv to data table using Read csv or Read Range activities
You can identify the email address by looping over the "For each row " activity.
After that use a “If” activity to find the email is present or not.
Use below mentioned condition inside the if condition.

  • row(“Eamil ID”).ToString.Contains(“@”)
    Pass the operation you wanted to perform in “Then” block.
    Hope this helps. Feel free to contact if you need more clarity. :smiley:

Hi @Harika_Mudiam
but i have multiple columns(with different naming convention) which has email address in it. How can i check all of that in “For each row” activity?
Could you please help over it.

Thanks in advance.

@ppratz in your situation, as you have to check all the 3 columns which may have email ids.
you can use one " for each row" activity but 3 " if " activities independently…
Set condition inside “if” activity with help of contains method either “@” or “.com”
please look into this attachment… you can use like this.
ExcelSeq.xaml (6.5 KB)

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Dear @ppratz ,

I have tried to fetch email ids and its working for me.
PFA. (25.1 KB)

Hope this would help :slight_smile:

Geet M

Thanks Geet,

Can you please help me in other scenario as well!!
what if i want to get the columns in a data table which has total count for email address(starting position as well as ending position).
Thanks in Advance.

Dear @ppratz,

you are welcome :slight_smile:

Other Scenario : Start to end all the columns are of emails?

Geet M

Yes - Start to end all the columns are of emails addresses only.
I want the count position and the end position. Can i get without mentioning the starting column index?