Compare 2 column of different different excel file

I want to compare 2 column data of different different excel file…with reference to 1 column…
If 1 column data is smaller than 2 nd send the mail to that person…

1st file 2nd File
This excel file…Compare Actual Ho with time in 2nd file with reference to name and Id…
If it Actual is less than Time then send mail to that person…

what you can do to read two sheet and store in datatable and than use join activity to match the two datatable use inner join with respect to column you want compare and get output datatable and then in for each row activity you can configure it to send the mail to the matched result.

Please you can send Wrokflow…??

share sheet.

Inp1.xlsx (8.9 KB) inp2.xlsx (9.6 KB)

By Reference of Employee ID Compare Actual houre and T_Duration

If the actual houre is less than Duration Then send mail to that person…


You should do as follows :point_down:

1 - Inside an Excel Application Scope, read your Excel file, by using Read Range.

2 - Outside your Excel Application Scope, use Filter Data Table, to compare your Data.

3 - Inside a For Each Row, iterate through your Data, so that you send the mail to the right person.

As for an example check below xaml file :point_down: (44.2 KB)