How to compare the value in different sheet


I have to compare the value in sheet 1 and sheet 4…
in sheet 1 i have the value check whether C column value is equals to sheet 4 C column.
if it is same i have to send mail or i have to perform different action…

How to do this… plz guide…


first read the first excel file and store it as dt1

Then read the second excel file and store it as dt2

Now use for each row activitiy with dt1, inside use lookup datatable activity,

In it’s property section add the following
lookup value as row(2). ToString,

Datatable should be dt2

in the target section specify the column name or column index which u want to check against in the dt2,

To get the value of the the value in C column, specify the variable in cell value section let’s say cell value

Then Specify the if condition with condition as
row(2).ToString.Equals(cellvalue), if it is true
then in
then section use mail activitiy to send mail

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Take a Excel application scope and take read range activity and here take assignment variable to compare the value. Take a for each row. Inside this take Excel application scope and take read range activity. Take a assignment variable. In this For each row compare the value.

compare.xaml (14.1 KB)

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