I want to compare two columns from two different excel sheet

BlankProcess6.zip (34.2 KB)

Sequence7.xaml (14.4 KB)

Hi @mohammed_zain,
Here you may find a lot of similar topics:

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I will try if any doubt get from my side i will get back to you.

Do the following steps @mohammed_zain,

  1. read both the excels and store in data tables
  2. Loop through the datatable within the other data table and if condition as

row1(“column name”).tostring = row2(“column name”).tostring

  1. If matches , in the then condition use excel application scope and write cell activity to write the value required

Can u please send xaml file with example. Thank You.

You have lot of topics available for similar topic as @Pablito mentioned. Please go through all those and you will get many workflows :slight_smile:

As per the forum terms, we are not supposed to provide the workflows. Try creating your own flow and post a question if you have any doubts.

Happy to help :slight_smile: @mohammed_zain

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ok Thanks

please refer this workflow
FyiExcelmanipulations.xaml (19.9 KB)


work flow example simple changes for work flow excel path changes only excelmatching.zip (25.5 KB)

Cannot find column customer. [Got Exception in my process.]


i have checked the column name as there is any spaces or not space but it is perfect even though bot is throwing an exception.

once send your work flow or screenshot for that particular condition then i will resolve your problem may be i think condition mastic. check with particular column is small letter or capital letter once check it.

i t.

i am checked your work flow, why did you do for using two times foreach activity (dt2 datatable ) once check it.

i want to check job number from one excel to another excel if it matches then i have to append remaining columns. If doesn’t matches then i have to write in next line.

Hi I have tried your code but getting the below error. Can you please check this. Thanks in advance.