Community Project/solutions

Discussion on community solutions and features of UIPath available towards non-profit community solution implementation.

Hello friends i am looking forward towards implementation of an automated solution for some community. Being a non profit organization they cant afford costs of licences… could anyone one suggest if

  1. UIPath Community edition offers free robots/orchestrator capabilities?
  2. What are the areas that are not supported in community edition as compared to studio/paid counterparts.
  3. Are there any restrictions associated with the usage of Community edition?

CE should work. Besides auto-login windows session there’s no difference between CE and Pro. Of course, the number of free bots is limited to 10 per “non-Enterprise” company.

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Thanks for reply @badita i tried understanding the license terms but could not understand that well…

  1. from your post i understood we could use 10 robots for a community project
  2. Tried researching for the community edition related orchastrator / robots access please suggest how could i use the same?
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