Comunity Orchestador Comunity License

I wold like to know, what is the scope of the orchestrator community version.
How many robots can i publish?
What are license restrictions?

Can somebody help me?


You get 2 attended bots and 1 unattended bot for the community license.

Any restrictions?
Just for personal use?

From the terms-of-use here: UiPath Legal Terms | UiPath

1.2. Community Edition Plan. Products within the Community Edition are available with the following limitations:

(i). individuals and Small Teams may use the Products for their internal business purposes; if PII is used with the Products under this plan, and to the extent required under the applicable legislation, the DPA available on UiPath’s website will govern the processing of such PII;

(ii). Large Teams may use the Products only to test and evaluate their suitability and for non-profit purposes (e.g. education, hackathons, individual or institutional research, internal trainings).

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Thanks :ok_hand:

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