Community Edition with Orchestrator (not CE)

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i am developing on UiPath Community Edition and i am wondering if i publish a package locally (saved on my computer) will i be able to import it manually on my production Orchestrator (not in CE)?

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Yes, you will be able to import manually, provided you have the appropriate user authority.
Orchestrator allows you to upload packages manually, see below.

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Thank you for your quick reply Sheshrocks.
I ask this because i know that a licensed (production) orchestrator cannot be connected with UiPath Community Edition. So, i am wondering if this constraints remains also for the manual import. Are you sure if i develop on my PC with Studio CE can i import on a licensed (production) orchestrator in order to execute process on production robots?

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UI Path Studio is the base of all the designing and creating workflows, be it community or licensed, I don’t think there will be any issues @loginerror will you able to shed some light on this? :slight_smile:

Hi @Mattia

Please contact our licensing support to resolve this query.

My first thought would be that it would indeed be a license violation.

To keep all guys posted this is the answer received from support:

Let’s pretend i have UiPath(CE) for developing and Orchestrator to production deploying and scheduling. Can you please help me to understand this point?
–> However if you are still using Community edition then irrespective of Enterprise or Community Edition you will be able to Publish packages, deploy,Schedule, etc to the Orchestrator. But we will not be able to provide support if you face any issues.

Thank you for help me

Same as my understanding, thanks for sharing this piece of info :+1:

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