UiPath Community Edition with On-Premise Orchestrator Server

We are in the process of purchasing a UiPath Enterprise Server license for on-premise pre-production environment and production environments. We have been (as we have been experimenting) developing in the Community Edition of the UiPath Studio ( and developed several projects in that application. However, when I installed the Enterprise Platform trial, I received the Enterprise version of Studio ( which is not compatible with the project files (and has different dependency versions) from the version. I do know that we can connect the Community Edition to our on-premise Orchestrator, but I am concerned whether or not the projects we develop will be covered (i.e. supported) once we purchase our licensing (if we continue to use the Community Studio with our Enterprise Orchestrator). Does anyone know anything about this? Also, are there any “gotcha-s” we will have to worry about if we go down this path?

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I think u can have the machine key connected through this site


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Hi @JasonGoble,
You need to know that Community Edition is constantly growing and each new update is forced for all users. Sometimes it happens that new version of something (ex. package, library, function) is behaving in wrong manner. This is the reason why in Enterprise Edition we are focused on applying everything what has been fully tested by our devs and of course passed the Community Edition as well. Based on this I would say that in case you have EE (Enterprise Edition) you should have use this instead of CE (Community Edition). Additionally with use of EE you are eligible to raise the ticket for our Technical Support team anytime something wrong happen with Studio or Orchestrator. This is not applicable to CE.

One more thing regarding compatibility. If your project has been developed in CE and dependency versions are newer than in EE you can try to remove ‘project.json’ file and open ‘main.xaml’ in EE and then save it again in EE (eventually download any missing package). This will generate new ‘project.xaml’. But remember that this will work only if you have used functions, attributes, elements which were available in older packages as well. If you have used something newer what is not available in older version then your project can throw the errors. Then you need to rebuild project from scratch.

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Thank you @Pablito! This was exactly the answer to my question. Thank you for your thoughtful answer.

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