The studio version of Community. Don't see robot / orchestractor anywhere to download

I tried those steps, but I still don’t see any robot that can run my sample process. Is there a video explain everything?

"I resolved above issue with following Steps -
Try pasting the following link into the address bar of your file explorer:

After opening that folder, go ahead and open the most recent subfolder named “app-*”, e.g. “

locate the “UiRobot.exe” file. Double click it. Check your systems tray"


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Search for Uipath Robot in Windows search bar and see whether it’s showing anything or not ?

If not then it didn’t install properly. Uninstall and reinstall it again and then check it once.

It is only one download for Community Edition, the robot and the studio gets installed, the Orchestrator is on the cloud, see how to find the robot:

Thank, so I don’t have to do connection like this post?

Connecting Robots to Orchestrator:

like that post, no… you are looking at a very old one…

Thanks a lot this really helped.