Community Edition Activation

Is there a trick to getting the Community Edition to run after renewing the license? For the past 20 minutes or so I’ve been getting this error… at first I thought it was just taking a while to go through the system, but after 20 minutes it still is giving me this error:

Activation failed with error: 104
Error description: License already activated!
License status:

Device ID: ZZvsre7fhQ7XXXfHXXXXXX
Computer: VXX-1XD0XX
User Name: XXXXX

I’ve been able to renew and use a couple times in the past… maybe there is a limit on the number of times you can renew the community license?


I had the same problem.
The following might help you.



Hi @Yoichi

I am using the community edition 2018.2.3
I dont have the License folder in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\UiPath\

I have tried multiple times filling in the details on UiPath
Still not able to open studio. It is still showing the ‘Renew License Option’

Is there any other way of getting around this.




Connect this machine with orchestrator and then try once.

hi @lakshman

I have already tried that as well. but no luck


Are you getting same error ?

Could you please help me with screenshots of Robot try and Orchestrator Machines and Robots page once. Will check and update you.


Please find below the screenshots.
The UiRobot is connected to orchestrator


The corresponding robot page in orechestrator

Machine pade details


Strange thing is i have done the renewal before as well, and it had worked fine.
my colleagues are also facing the same issue


Tell me one thing are you using Community or Enterprise Edition of UIpath ?

I am using the community edition 2018.2.3

Yesterday i am also facing the same issue while renew the license.
At last i downloaded community free version uipath studio again and it is working now.


What about Orchestrator ? Is it Community or Enterprise Edition ?

Why I am asking this means you specified different Orchestrator URL in robot tray.


Orchestrator is licensed version (enterprise) , © UiPath 2019 , Orchestrator 2018.4.4
with 5 attended and 4 unattended bots.

Is there a limit for number of renewals possible in community version?


If both are Community Edition then we can activate license of UIpath studio with Orchestrator.