Community 2 Enterprise

Hi All, I’ve a customer who using 2 robots in community edition version scheduled by Orchestrator, now he would like to create 2 additional robots so he is thinking to buy an enterprise license attended or unattended.
Given that the user it’s always the same he should need only one license, right?
in that case, how can I schedule the robots? should the customer buy an orchestrator license?
In that case for one license it would be pretty expensive isn’t it



If you don’t want to run BOT 24*7 then one BOT is enough to trigger both processes. If you are planning to buy Unattended BOT then you need Orchestrator also and for this we need seperate licence. To schedule BOTS also we need Orchestrator and we have lot many advantages with it and we can monitor all bots and their logs without logging into each BOT machine.

Hope you understood.

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…and in order to be able to schedule, you need Unattended Robot license.

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Hi Ovi, thanks for your reply, how can I schedule? I mean I’m obliged to buy an Orchestrator license ?
to run 2 robots autonomously it seems to be pretty expensive…
1 unattended lic + 1 Orchestrator lic or can I use the orchestrator community lic ?

@Sax72 Andrea, you can use the community subscription in Cloud Platform if your company is lower that 250 people and it has less that $5M in revenue :slight_smile: