Commiting Object Repository changes to TortoiseSVN failed

Hello to everyone,

I am using TortoiseSVN with UiPath and it seems like this is a genuine bug, not my mistake (hopefully).
Steps that I have been doing:

  1. Make Object Repository for some application in Library A,
  2. Copying one particular screen from that Object Repo of Library A with function “Copy tree”,
  3. Opening Library B (which is SVN working copy, so connected to server svn repository),
  4. Paste screen into Object repository of Library B,
  5. Commit changes.

Bug is that when I commit changes, on the SVN repository (on the server and locally as well, I can see changes only to folder “.local” or some other textual folder that I have changed). But, new screenshot from my new screen are not present in .screenshoot folder, thus they are not commited to the server.

On the other hand, If I open the UiPath studio and open Library B, these screens are present in Object repository.
But as you can Imagine, the problem is that all the changes I made to local object repository, are not commited to SVN server, so my colleagues do not see any of those.

Can you assist me in any way ?
Also, if you need any additional info, I’ll be happy to provide.

Thank you.

Hello @Ta_Rik!

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Okey, I have manage to find what is the issue finally.
So just writing here for any future reference.

Problem is: TortoiseSVN, by default, do not recognize screenshot objects (and other unique UiPath files that are created while using Object Repository) as version files. Because of that, they are not included in commit, unless you manually specify otherwise.

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