Comments vanish when clicking Ok button

Using Studio 2022.4.3. C# Windows project.

In studio, when clicking on the Ok button for comments, the newly added comments will appear to revert to the previously saved comments. However, the newly entered comments are actually saved.
I think this may be a bug. Is anyone else seeing this?

Any chance you could record a gif of this behavior @grosner? I can’t reproduce this on the same Studio version. I’m using the 22.4.1 System activity package version.

Here is the annimated gif. It takes a minute to watch but will show what is happening when the OK button is pressed (clicked).
UiPath-Vanishing Comment Text-2022-06-24 16-45-08

Using Windows 11 Pro, Fully Updated.

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Thank you, this makes things clear. I added the bug to our issue tracker for our team to fix in the future :slight_smile:

Hi @grosner

The latest Studio 2022.10 version seems to no longer have this issue :).