Combining Multiple Custom Logging Processes in Single Tile

insights, on-prem, 22.10

We have the need to roll our metrics up at a division and program level. This is straight forward when using queues or processes to derive transaction status but we have some attended automations that do not use queues and we have opted for custom logging. It doesn’t look like there is a way to select multiple processes that are set up with custom logging so they display in a single tile.

Has anyone found a way to do this? Thanks!


May be you can try adding one more field to all your attended bots…to say custom…and use it as a grouping value…for having them together


Hi @Anil_G,

I’m familiar with common variables as an option in the Cloud but that may not be available for another year for on-prem instances.

Can you point me to documentation or explain further what you mean by ‘adding one more field to all your attended bots’?

We have added custom variables by adding log fields but the issue is that different processes with custom variables have separate Explores in Looker and we can’t combine them in a single tile.



For all your attended bots add one common custom field…say the name is common…then that common field can be used as a grouping attribute to get all the attended bots under one tile I Believe

If I am not wrong what you are looking for is one field from all the processes which are attended to get them together


Thanks for the response @Anil_G. Unless you know of a different method for creating a common custom field, this is not an option for 22.10 On-Prem Insights. What version of Insights are you referring to?


Now I see what specifically youa re requesting for…okay so the above approach would not work for that…

Let me check if I can find a way…


We ended up going the route of using robot logs and created a library for a CitDevs that they are required to use so we can get to the transaction level (many of their automations loop through transactions in a single job) and we derive counts based on success and failure logs. Hope this helps others!

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