Changing name column to other names in excel


The page contains about 9000 lines and 135 names. I want to read and change these names from the excel sheet I have specified. I could not construct the structure correctly. I’m trying to use the new excel activities.

Hi @burak

May I know if the names that you want to change are in multiple lines or is it the header? Can ypu show or explain more to get what it is?


Use the WriteCell activity to change the name.

There is a column with 135 names in 9000 rows. I keep these 135 names separately. On the other page, there are names that I want to change in return.

Hi @burak

So you mean you have 1 column and 9000 rows and 135 has data and other are empty? and what do you want to do?

A Input and a sample output would really help to understand


no. There are hundreds of each name. And I want to change these names.

For ex :

a column ----------> the column of the names I want to change

alex → person1
diana —> person2

Hi @burak

I hope the list that you have is in the same order as you need already in an excel sheet I believe

Follow these steps

Do all of this in excel scope

  1. Read the sheet which contains all the new names using read range into a datatable(dt)
  2. Now loop through the datatable using for each row(If you open properties you will find an index property assign an integer variable to it)
  3. Inside that add a write cell to the main excel sheet where you have all the columns to be updated. in the ‘What to write’ field provide currentrow(0).tostring
    in ‘Where to write’ field provide “A” + (index+1).ToString