Column in CSV is with " "

Dear all,

I do the below:

1)Get data from an excel
2)Manipulate the data
3)Write iinto csv file

WHen writting to CSV file one of the columns is not empty , but its like having quotes “” with spaces in between.

Is there any way to create the CSV but this column to remain literraly blank and not with quotes “” and spaces between? Because the software that I want to import the file should read this specific column without quotes but blank.

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can i have a sample of that excel file if possible
so that we can simulate the process
Cheers @the.christopoulos


Can you try the following steps?

  1. Convert your datatable to string using Output DataTable Activity.
  2. Write this string to csv file using Write Text File Activity.



The excel created after “write csv” is this one : (2.5 KB)

Column “AE” is the one that causes me problems… :frowning:


The following workflow remove double quote before or after semi-colon.
Can you try it?

Sequence.xaml (4.4 KB)