How to remove Single quote(apostrophe) from excel

Hi Team,

How to remove Single quote(apostrophe) from excel ,when i convert from CSV to Excel the below green color quotes are displaying.

To do my further validation ,I want to remove the single quotes from particular column.
Appreciate your help!!

@RajeshT Are you converting the CSV file to Excel by Reading CSV File getting the Datatable and writing that Datatable to Excel File using Write Range Activity?

If you are converting in that way, then After reading the Csv file, Change the Column Datatype to System.Double using the Change Column Datatype Activity.

Then Write that Datatable to Excel using Write Range, The Green Color Quotes should be removed.

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Thank you for your response.

I am reading CSV file from Excel application scope ,and writing in to datatable using write range activity .In this way i am getting green color quotes.

@RajeshT I think you can perform the Operation mentioned above even with those steps that you followed.
Can you give it a Try ?

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This works perfectly @supermanPunch .
Thank you so much man!

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