Cloudflare cookie error with OCR

I would like to use the screen OCR feature. When I run it, I get a claudflare error message that says Please enable cookies. What should I do?

Hi @kyoauei

you may need to adjust your browser settings. Ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser and that any browser extensions or settings are not blocking them.


Cookies are enabled in my browser settings. I get the same error after removing all extensions.


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can you please show what you tried/what activity is used

and what is the exact error message from the locals panel exception details


The activity I tried was ‘Get OCR Text’.

error message is ‘Please enable cookies.’

Hi @kyoauei

Could you share the error screenshot?


I changed the language from Japanese to English in the UiPath settings. Then the error stopped.
I think this is a bug of UiPath.

No more errors in Japanese. I don’t know the cause, but it has been resolved. Thank you.


Try changing the ui automations version from manage packages and then check


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