Microsoft Cloud OCR Activity/Engine Fails

Scenario: Try to use Microsoft Cloud OCR engine

Steps to reproduce: Regular steps

Current Behavior: Error performing OCR

Expected Behavior: Should return string value

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: Studio v2017.1

OS Version: Windows 10

I’m testing all types of OCR engines and the only one which fails is Microsoft Cloud OCR. Microsoft vision project itself as tested separately works fine. Please let me know if someone had the same issue and know the solution. Thank You

Hi @Aras

This may happen because of the ApiKey’s Region. Could you please check it?

Hi, I checked 3 regions: West Europe, North Europe and East US. All of them fail. Not sure but the UiPath activity might be missing an option to specify this region as Endpoint URL.

@ovi @Aras

I am also having similar problem I have azure account and I have Computer vision keys but when i call them in Uipath they give error , I have changed location also east asia, west us and other but no success.

I am using this syntax inside Microsoft cloud ocr, I have tried using just API key also,Tags&subscription-key=

I too am facing similar situation. Is there a way to look at what endpoint is configured?