Close Tab: Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser (Using Chrome Browser)

Why I am getting this error (Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer) when i am using chrome browser. In close tab i provided the op of open browser. The error should be (Cannot communicate with Chrome Browser).


Hi @rajat_dhammi

This is indeed super strange. Could you share your UIAutomation package version?

I am getting the same error after I have updated the Uipath to 22.4 version.

I have selected Browser Type as ‘Chrome’ for the Attach browser activity. This was working perfectly before I update the UiPath to 22.4 version

Please find the package version I was using in that process.

Also, After the update to new version 22.4 , I was getting the below error frequently.
“Attach Browser ‘chrome.exe SpinTel’: Could not communicate with the UiPath extension for browser ‘chrome.exe’. Please make sure the extension is installed and enabled.”


Hey @anoop.mohandas

Most probably an issue with newer release.


Just to confirm, have you tried updating to the UIAutomation package to the latest version as well?

I can also see that your process is an older one that uses the Classic UIAutomation activities. Could you check if the same issue happens when you use the Modern UIAutomation activities on a new, empty project?

More info here: Modern Design Experience

Hello @anoop.mohandas ,

I think better to update the version of Packages along with the UiPath update. You can use Project Dependencies Mass Update Tool for that.

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As you can see in my screenshots I have updated the packages to the latest version as well.

The only problem with the new version 22.4 is that if you use attach browser with close tab activity without any browser property it’s not working.

Does it work with the browser property passed on from the Attach Browser activity?