Close google chrome if process end with error

I work with orchestrator. If my process end with error, how I can close google chrome?

@RPA3 You have to use Kill process or close application activity for that.

Use Kill process Activity and in property pass “chrome” in ProcessName .

Use Selector for close application.

@RPA3 - you can close the browser below
1 - Attach window and Close Tab activity → it will close the attached browser.
2 - Kill Process activity - input ‘chrome.exe’ → it will close all chrome browsers which are opened.

Can u use click activity to close the google chrome
Or else use kill process activity.
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‘chrome.exe’ - is not declared :frowning:

But will be error then I open chrome again

What the error, screen shot please.

About page was closed not correct

Use click activity in your workflow and scrap the close button of the page. This may help u.


Wait I will share a sample process

Main.xaml (6.0 KB) check this

And also check this image
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This may help you

But where should I put this? I don’t know where the error will be

End of the process in open browser activity (do).

But my process does not end there. And no need to close if all is well

Please share your workflow

use click activity and indicate the selector to that
Screenshot_2020-03-20 UiPath Community Forum to close the google crome…
and use kill process activity . which stop the job forcefully… or else instead of which use terminate workflow or stop job activity…