Clipboard Activity throwing Aggregate Exception

Hi everyone ,I am trying to copy data from application which is inside citrix env, uipath studio is not published inside citrix and is in local.

1.when i am copying data using hot key cntrl+a,cntrl+c and then pasting cntrl+v inside notepad which is also inside citrix it copies the data from the application to the notepad correctly.


2.When i am trying to use the same hotkeys but using either copy selected text activity or get from clipboard it is throwing Aggregate Exception and is unable to copy.

what i want is to copy the data from application which is inside the citrix and put the copied fields in either a variable or datatable,So that i can use the copied data to match with the excel which is in local desktop.


it may be a “shared clipboard” issue - you could have a look o the following:

Thanx @theo500 i will check it soon.


Hi @Nara could you fix your problem? Actually I’m having the same issue .

Copy Selected text : System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. —> System.Exception: Empty clipboard

It this your issue?

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Was there resolution to this issue as I am experiencing it also. Screen scraping/OCR is not an option in my case.

good afternoon, I get that same message, is this a permission issue?

Did anyone found solution for this issue, Am also facing the same issue. Throwing Aggregate Exception while using the Copy Selected Text activity.

I found a solution using get from clipboard instead of copy selected text. So I first do ctrl+a, then ctrl+c and finally get from clipboard (I get a variable :slight_smile: )

yes this is what I did, hotkey ctrl+c and then get from clipboard

Hi @shajanjose & @Alexander,

Before doing ctrl+c , don’t forgot to clear the clipboard value.

Using set clipboard activity make the value as empty and the do ctrl+c and get the value using get clipboard activity.



I think, the AggregateException appears when the clipboard is currently empty, thus the GetFromClipboard activity fails.

Is it maybe a bug in UiPath? The docs for the activity do not name any Exception.


  1. before accessing the Clipboard: copy just anything or call SetToClipboard with empty string
  2. harden the access to the clipboard by a try-catch.