Clicking checkboxes in for each rows in a dynamic table

I have a robot that extracts a table from a webpage, compares it to an excel worksheet and then clicks a checkbox box on a row in the table depending on a condition being met, (the condition is fine, i tested it with a message box).

The table on the webpage has a name column, and 3 columns each with a checkbox, and the rows on the table are created dynamically from a database

The problem I am having is that the check box elements in each row are not being found, I can use the find element to select the correct checkbox in the correct column but

I have created a for each row in the extracted table and assigned a value to the row number {{num}}, then created a checkbox object in object repository, I have tried adding the tabRow{{num}} to the strict selector but it keeps saying UI element not found.

Unfortunately it is a work website so i cannot post a screenshot but I am very new to UI path so any help would be great, I feel like I have tried everything.


Did you try using for each ui element activity?

That is for the exact same

If you are not able to find then go to activities vlick on filter option and select show modern then you should be able to see that activity


thank you, i have not seen that before, I am trying to understand how it works for checkboxes in a row but cant quite seem to make sense of the documents, Have you got a workflow which uses it?


Check this on usage


thank you, I understand that but the problem I am having is that i want to select all the check boxes in a specific row, the rows are populated dynamically, but the robot always selects the top row, not the row in which I am in via the for each row, so say, row 2? I understand i might need to assign the current row number and add it into the selector for to work but that doesnt seem to work

Code Snippet from the check box selector

i added code but it didnt post


So now for clicking on rwquired row…use for each ui element and inside that use a if condition …so that the checkbox that are needed only can be clicked depending on the row index value that you need or by comparing the values you want from
The datatable