Clicking automation according to the value names in an excel sheet

Hello everyone,

I would be pleased if you help me in this regard indicated in the title of this post. I do not habe a programming background so please make a step by step guide.

What I want to do is to retrieve data from Zoho website, the project I am working on. I am aware that I can directly get the data I want using Zoho CRM or Analytics etc.

The step I am struggling with is creating a loop action for dynamic selection of the sprints.I can easily data scrape after that step.

I have data scrapped the list of all sprints in an excel file. So for each row click activity should select the corresponding sprint and click okay button in a loop.

Thanks in advance!


Please use for each ui element activity …it is exactly for same purpose

If you need only using for loop…

Then first identify a selector where by changing a tablerow peoperty or a idx property in selector we shpuld be able to change each item for example

<webctrl tag=‘tr’ class = ‘abc’ idx=‘3’ /> this is a selector for clicking on 3 rd item…this is just for example…your selector looks like this and idx is the property you would be editing or in place
Of idx …it would be tablerow…

Now…in for loop peoperties you have a index peoperty…assign a variable to it and it increments for each iteration…it starts from zero so inplace of 3 we can use that.To use variable in selector right click and it would give option to select a variable

And as index starts from zero use assign and assign added value to it

Str_index = (index+1).ToString


Cheers (4.4 MB)

Here is the project, the clicking activity in a loop is portrayed in a png file called What I want.

I would be appreciated if you send me the dynamic clicking activity or a step by step guide.


If you can send the site details we can give the selector…

else the steps are what I gave in the previous step


The website is the but it requires permission to access to the sprint list fields.

I apologise but I could not understand the steps very well.

Can you show them in a project file I would be much appreciate it!