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Would you please tell me how to solve this kind of problem when Msg shown Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector, how do I fix it?
Thanks a lot.

I’ve indicated a new UI Element, but it still dose not work.

Thanks a lot

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The selector “htmlwindowname” and “title” may be an issue if they are dynamic. You may consider using wildcard or not using them as selector at all.

Use a attach window activity and indicate that application as a element

And inside that attach window use this click activity and try by indicating the same element again

Your selector looks fine

If it’s a browser then use attach browser


We can try with send hot keys as well
Same use attach window and indicate that application
Inside the attach window use this send hot key activity without indicating any element and just use the key enter
This will enter or click that button
It’s same like how we do it without mouse

Cheers @Apple

Hi,Palaniyappan,Thanks very much.

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