Click two different files with the same names but different time stamps

I am screen scraping a table from a page on a website and was able to properly scrape the table and use the first column (file name) to open each of the links attached to each file name. This method is working fine, unless there is a file name listed on the site twice with two separate file names. The data scraping properly reads and stores it as two different files, but improperly only clicks the first file name two separate times instead of first clicking the first file and then later moving on to the second file. The third column in the table I scraped is a time stamp and each time stamp is different regardless of the name, but I cannot simply click on the time stamp to open the file, I must click on the file name. I believe there must be a way for the bot to click on each file name based on the time stamps but I am not sure how.

In order to click on the file name from the Data table, I hard coded it with the following code: “”

Please let me know if you know how to get the bot to click each of the file names even if there is a duplicate in the file names.

Hi Michael,

You can use an anchor to achieve this.

The anchor base should be the time stamp and then your click activity of the anchor clicks on the file name.

When I try to use an anchor base activity, I am unable to get the bot to click in the proper place. I set the workflow up so the anchor of the activity is a find element to locate the date and then click the file name. The problem is when I run the bot, it continues to click on the 4th link and ends up clicking it 6 times (there are 6 files being scraped from this page). I tried flipping this set up and even tried using different points on the screen as the anchor, but to no avail. Is there something else you recommend?

Hey @michaelwar
Instead of using Anchor Activity try with the anchor which you can find in UiExplorer for each clicks.

I’m unsure of what you’re talking about, could you elaborate more?

This is the table that I am screen scraping. Notice how the first and last entry into this table have the exact same name, which is why the bot is clicking the first entry twice instead of the first entry and then later the last entry.

hy @michaelwar

I’m telling to use this