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Hi All,

I have a table on web page with multiple columns like Account ID(a Hyperlink), Name, Client Name & AsOfDate.
I have to loop through each row and click on the Account ID hyperlink that opens up a new page from where I have to capture more data.

I used data scraping and while looping through each row, passed Account ID in a variable to the Click Activity that is referring to the Account ID field which is working fine and iterating through all the rows perfectly.

But the problem is when we get duplicate Account ID. Like in the below example.


Account ID, AsOfDate
1, 11/01/2021
2, 11/02/2021
2, 11/03/2021
3, 11/03/2021
4, 11/04/2021

Bot is clicking the first Account ID twice.

From the above example, my bot is clicking second row(2, 11/02/2021) twice and skipping 3rd row i.e. (2, 11/03/2021).

I cannot remove duplicates because AsOfDate value is different for these two rows.

So how can I iterate and click on both the Account IDs by considering the AsOfDate value.

Kindly help.


Can you use tableRow attribute in your click activity with the Account ID as well, you can pass the Index value for tableRow.


Thank you soo much @Pradeep_Shiv for swift reply. That worked.

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