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After passing text in double quotes for click text it works but after passing variable it will not work.

What is the solution?

Can you share the screenshot?

If i put “Bagerhat”, it is working and finding the element. If i put Branch(it is a string variable that is equal to Bagerhat), the element is not found.


I think you put double quotes for variable also or if it is coming from some other place then print the result before passing it to click text. May be any space is there I guess.


Show me how you are passing variable name to Click Text activity ?

The error

The variables that i am passing

@Ali_1990, what happens if you try to assign row(0).ToString to a variable and then in the Click Text write the variable name?

Same error as with row(0).ToString

@Ali_1990, when you have your read range, did you check the option AddHeader?


There is no read range. There is data scraping. I also tried displaying the value of the click text before clicking and it is fine.

Is it a bug in uipath?

@Ali_1990, what is your variable type?


I tried String and generic types.

Exception is clearing saying that there is no text with that name to click on it.Check your input data properly and if it is stored in a variable trim that variable.

Mahaling Patil

In selector of click try ‘"+VariableName+"’


I tried making a new variable with only the string i am using but it failed.


The selector is working fine. The text is not getting clicked. The element is found but not getting clicked on.


Try this: row(0).Tostring.Trim


That was the solution.

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