Click text Problem

Hi I have to enter the start date and end date but the problem is in the start date input area first it select dd then delete the already showing dd and then you can input the desired dd. Same goes for mm and yyyy. But click activity is selecting the whole start date input area and not dd, mm and yyyy.


For now, can you try as the following?

Use SendWindowMessage mode.
Add chr(9) between year and month.


Hello @Priyanka_Jharia ,

I hope you are trying to clear the existing date and adding a new date for the start and end date. Hope my understanding is correct.

Then you can use the click activity to open the date box,
Then use the TypeInto activity to enter the Date as per the format which that field is allowing.(also enable empty field in property).

Try it with a hardcoded date and check whether it’s working or not. Then you can apply the logic to add the dates in dynamic.

It has up and down button and month and year drop down menu to select date

what will happen if you type the data in the format 11-08-2021. Will it accept? or is it not possible to type the date?

@Priyanka_Jharia share that link here.


Can you try the following sample? (3.1 KB)


I have to input start date and end date from excel sheet.

Hello @Priyanka_Jharia ,

Do you need to just change the Day alone or Month and year also need to modify?