Target element is disabled

Dear pros,
i try to input first date of the month in MM/dd/yyyy format.
Thus managed to create a string accordingly as follows.

the problem i encounter is it seems like the element itself is disabled and unable to allow me to type in.

however, if i were to type i manually it can be done.
pls help!


by right is supposed to open up a calendar, but i hope to preset the start date accordingly.

Dear all,
i tried below and it seems to work. however, it typed into the bottom’s element instead. T_T whyyy


Hello @winnie_toh

Assign activity (Type Argument: UiPath.Core.Activities.UiElement)
element = yourUiElement // Replace ‘yourUiElement’ with the selector of the input field

Type Into activity (Properties: Text = now.ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”))

Thanks & Cheers!!!

so sorry can you kindly elaborate? not too sure what i need to do.


Is it opening the date picker now and then typing into the next field?

in order not to open the date picker, thus i thought manually inputing date will be more simple. Thus i chose to input the date.

I see but, have you debugged and checked why it’s typing the bottom element/textbox instead?